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Our mission is to empower and prepare every student to love learning, approach their goals with confidence, and persevere through challenges to find personal success in life.




We believe in developing the whole child by addressing academic, developmental, emotional, and personal goals. We invest in trusting relationships by knowing ourselves and honoring every person for their individual qualities. We advocate for every child to have access to rigorous learning opportunities, individualized paths for development, and grace to interact in restorative conversations as they grow toward their best selves. We seek to partner with families and value the knowledge they contribute to our school community.



Our Core Beliefs

  • All students can be motivated to learn
  • We connect students & families with resources
  • We act selflessly to support one another
  • Our environments & teams support students in crisis
  • Parents are valuable and equal partners
  • Differentiated behavior responses support the whole child
  • We utilize the power of relationships
  • All students can learn with differentiated supports

Differentiated supports

Differentiated supports in the classroom will vary by grade level and teacher, however, we believe all students learn best when:

  • Learning is meaningful to them
  • There are opportunities for choice/ownership
  • Expectations are clear and high with common language
  • Teachers are prepared
  • They are truly known through healthy/trusting relationships
  • Emotional, academic, and basic needs are met
  • Mistakes are an opportunity to grow
  • Joy is intentional 
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