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Personalized Learning

We believe all students have the ability to grow and take ownership of their learning through goal setting and reflection.  Our teachers meet with each student once per week for a mentoring session to guide students through assessing their progress toward their goals and creating action steps to continue growth. 


Exact Path

Exact Path is a resource that allows students to move at their own pace through a playlist of learning activities based on their current math and reading levels of achievement.  

When students take their MAP assessment, scores are uploaded to create a path of learning choices that will move students toward their growth goal.  

Students earn digital trophies as motivation and this serves as the basis for the mentoring sessions in grades K-3 as students are tracking their progress toward their goals.  

Summit Learning 

Summit Learning is a platform students access in grades 4-6.  Students learn primarily through project based learning, as teachers facilitate the understanding of concepts and cognitive skills.

Students also access a playlist of resources aligned to content standards and request assessments to demonstrate mastery when they are ready.  Teachers then analyze student data in real time to create small groups to give students personalized attention on the exact skills they need support with.  

Teachers also meet with students for one mentoring session per week to track the students’ progress on their year-long page that shows where they should be in both projects and content focus areas.  Teachers strategically mentor students to become self-directed learners and to develop learning habits that will carry them to high school and beyond.  

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