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HIDE Pick Up/Drop Off

Arrival Procedure

  • Enter
  • Sit
  • Quiet
  1. Enter the gym at 7:00.  
  2. If you are eating breakfast, go to the cafeteria. 
  3. If not eating, sit in a line behind your class sign in the gym.
  4. Follow the directions of the teachers.
  5. Sit quietly and wait for your teacher to pick up your class.
  6. Gather your personal belongings 
  7. Calmly walk to your designated area and put your items away.

Dismissal Procedure

  • Wrap Up
  • Walk
  • Wave
  1. School is dismissed at 2:35.
  2. Car riders with parents will be dismissed at 2:35 from their classrooms.
  3. Sign out sheets/accountability checklists will be used to dismiss students.
  4. Parents will help students get things from their lockers.
  5. At 2:45, teachers will walk all remaining students to the gym. Team teachers will split up and some will stay in the gym while others supervise outside.
  6. Students will get their backpacks, pick up younger siblings in the gym, and then leave the school grounds.
  7. Daycare riders will be dismissed to the library hall at 2:45 (Younger students will be picked up by a daycare duty teacher.)
  8. Students not picked up by 3:10  will be taken to the office to sit and read.  Teachers will sign the student(s) in with clerk.

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